The EMF Biological Research Trust

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The EMF Biological Research Trust (the Trust) was set up in October 1994 after the privatisation of the electricity supply industry to continue the industry's promotion of external, independent research into the possible biological effects of extremely-low-frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and their relevance, if any, to human health. The Trust (formerly registered charity no.1042132) was closed in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed on 30 September 2019.

Research strategy

The research strategy was set by a Scientific Advisory Committee drawn from academia that was totally independent of the electricity supply industry. A major focus of the research programme was on the mechanism of possible biological effects. The Committee assessed proposals for research, made recommendations for funding to the Trustees and monitored progress. The Trust expected all significant results of the work it had funded to be published, but the content of such publications was entirely the responsibility of grant holders and their co-authors. Public Health England (PHE) has research interests in this area and collaborated in several Trust funded projects.


The Trust's activities were funded by donations from National Grid plc from inception in October 1994 until closure. A Board of Trustees was responsible for the probity of the Trust's operation as a registered charity. The Board oversaw the management and administration of the Trust, guided on scientific matters by the Scientific Advisory Committee. The Board had two nominees from National Grid plc, who took no part in decisions on the Trust's research programme. Trustees received no honoraria. Members of the SAC received an honorarium in recognition of their work.


The Trust website ( will be maintained until December 2023, to enable publications from all work funded by the Trust, including papers published after closure of the Trust, to be readily accessible.